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Guiding Light
Episode Guide, 4/14/08

Today on Guiding Light ...

Olivia uses a stethoscope to hear Gus' heart beating inside her. In her car, Cassie dons a sexy red top, removes her wedding ring and ends up in a bar where she asks Bobby the bartender for her "usual." After having a drink with a flirtatious stranger who invites her up to his room, Cassie switches tops and returns home.

There, she discovers a letter from Will.

Josh has been hiding it from her.

Waking up together, Coop helps Ashlee get ready for her date with the surgeon. Discovering that Ashley is going to have gastric banded surgery, Doris spots her daughter being wheeled away for surgery guesses that Coop is forcing her. Ashlee denies it. Coop returns and announces that he is going to be a published author.

Cyrus is further upset when he catches Harley watching her and Gus' wedding DVD. Mel stops by with the details of Gus' will and explains that Gus bought a building to start a boys and girls club. Harley decides to fulfill his wish and gets into an argument with Cyrus.

He reminds her that Gus was married to Natalia and angrily storms out.

After Rafe picks up Emma because Ava forgot about her, Natalia helps Olivia as she is released. Mel informs Natalia some of the details of Gus' will. Later, Harley tells Natalia and Rafe about Gus' desire for the club. In her car again, Cassie is putting her sexy top back on when Cyrus spots her.

She invites him to have a drink with her.

As they do, Cassie suggests he take her for a ride. Handing him Cassie's wallet, Blake tells Josh she found it at the Towers. What happens next? Find out in our Guiding Light spoilers ...

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