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Guiding Light
Episode Recap, 4.15.08

Today on Guiding Light ...

While Cassie is busy having sex with Cyrus in a garage, Marina leaves a voicemail for him, reminding him that he was supposed to meet her. After sex, Cassie stops by her place at the Beacon.

She leaks to Harley that Vanessa caught Cyrus scamming her.

Ava calls Bill and tries to convince him that she's in a panic because of her pregnancy. He tries to put her off but Lizzie instructs him to reassure her that he will help.

Later, explaining that Bill's at a meeting, Lizzie offers Ava tips for pregnancy.

Amused when she calls him "grandpa," Ava assures Billy that she's fine when he asks if she has insurance and enough money after the Spaulding debacle. Bearing the groceries she used as an excuse to leave earlier, Cassie returns home to Josh and is pleased when he admits he used his clout to get Will released from solitary.

As she hugs him, she announces that she has something to tell him.

Admitting she hasn't been herself since Tammy died, Cassie confesses that she broke their wedding vows earlier and slept with another man. Cassie quickly compares it to him sleeping with Reva in prison and asks for his forgiveness. Josh yells at her for the name of her lover but Cassie won't tell.

Later, Josh packs his bags and tells Cassie that he's going to a convention in Chicago. She worries he won't be back. Meanwhile, Cyrus returns to Harley's house and finds her opening past-due bills. She admits she knows what he did for her and claims that Marina told her about getting caught by Vanessa.

As she bemoans their first fight, Cyrus is guilt-ridden when she tells him that she loves him.

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