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Guiding Light
Episode Recap, 4.22.08

Today on Guiding Light ...

Doris visits her daughter and checks to make sure she's not in any pain. Coop worries about Ashlee overdoing her rehab after the surgery but she insists that he go to a photo shoot Blake has arranged for him.

Ashlee's impressed that she's read up on the procedure. Ashlee is grossed out by all the food at the photo shoot and it takes Coop to calm her down.

When she asks how she can thank him for fixing her car, Remy invites her out. She reminds him that she's already "got a guy" but he corrects her that she has a "baby daddy."

  • Lizzie lies to Ava that all Bill can do is talk about the baby.
  • Later, Lizzie cries to Bill that Ava stole her dollhouse.

When he confronts her and accuses her of stealing it, Ava tells Bill that she thought the dollhouse was for the baby and pushes it to the floor.

Bill assures Lizzie he can repair it. Later, Ava calls Remy for a ride and kisses him on the cheek in thanks. Ava's thrilled when she learns that the artificial insemination worked and she's pregnant.

Harley shows Cyrus her "bill box" where she keeps the steadily growing box of bills and decides that she's going back to work as a cop.

He points out all the stress at work but she decides Gus left behind six cases that she wants to finish.

Harley stops by to seek advice from Cassie about Zach's latest school project and ends up talking to her about the grieving process. Harley invites Cassie to bring R.J. over for dinner. Meanwhile, Cyrus borrows some tools from Buzz and tries to break into a house only to be foiled by a home alarm system.

At dinner, Harley thanks a guilt- ridden Cyrus and Cassie for helping her get through these tough times. Harley asks Doris to allow her back on the police force.

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