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Guiding Light
Episode Recap
April 23, 2008

Today on Guiding Light ...

Mallet upsets Marina when he confirms that Harley is her new partner. Harley and Marina work out of Gus's old car "Mabel" and make contact with "Skids," one of Gus's long-time contacts.

A gun-toting Skids tells Marina he'll only talk with Gus. When Marina tells him Gus is dead, he runs off. Marina gives chase but Harley can't move. Marina returns and sees Cyrus comforting her. Alan announces to Dinah that he intends to move back into the mansion very soon.

Finding Alan unable to try to do any business without help, Rafe hands him his laptop and offers him some tips on how to use it. Lillian urges Beth to choose to be with Rick but she suggests that Alan is a changed man, thanks to his new circumstances.

Beth also resents that Rick used Peyton though Lillian points out it was for the right reasons. Later, she announces to Alan that she wants to be with him. Encouraged, he turns her down because he's broke. Mallet tells Dinah he feels like a hypocrite being the new police chief.

The police commissioner interrupts for a photo op and thanks Dinah for her huge donation to Mallet's new "Back on the Beat" program. Later, she warns Mallet that if he resigns, she's taking back her donation. Mallet questions Cyrus about a recent break in.

After Cyrus gets him to admit nothing was taken, the two then discuss their concern for Harley. Marina warns Mallet that Harley couldn't move while they were working earlier and thinks she came back to work too soon.

Harley confesses to Cyrus that she doesn't know if she'll ever get past the grieving process. Alan asks Dinah if she'll allow Beth and the kids to move back into the mansion without him.

Dinah guesses that Beth asked him to do this. Thanks to the prospectus he wrote earlier, Alan tries to get a business going again.

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