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Guiding Light
Episode Recap, 4.30.08

Today on Guiding Light ...

Daisy asks Natalia about Rafe and learns he just got into a fight. Rafe can't believe it when his mother urges him to get out and do something, even with Daisy.

Impressed to find she's already lost weight, Ashlee decides to hit the gym. Daisy worries when Ashlee starts running at the gym after admitting she's not supposed to be working out for another month and finally stops the machine.

After Daisy leaves, Ashlee jumps back onto the machine. Daisy's pleasantly surprised when Rafe stops by the house. But when they are both uncomfortable being together, they realize that their relationship is over and say goodbye.

Reva's upset to come home and find Jeffrey embracing Olivia, their new house guest. However, she can't stay mad at him for long and even takes Olivia for a short walk. Jeffrey assures Reva that he and Olivia had their marriage annulled and Olivia confirms the fact, suggesting she did it because Jeffrey did something nice for her.

Reva then allows her to stay at the house but orders her to stay away from Jeffrey. Ava tells her mother that she's pregnant and explains how it happened at the clinic. Under guise of saying he needs the practice reading his own material, Blake enjoys listening to Coop.

Ashlee finds Coop and is uncomfortable as she watches Blake with him. Coop welcomes Ashlee and invites her to a movie but she turns him down so she can go exercise again.

Olivia demands her wedding rings from Natalia, calling it partial payment for the house when she sells it back to her one day. Later, Olivia leaves the rings at Company, insisting they be given back to Natalia.

While Reva's "powdering her nose," Ava sits with Jeffrey at the Towers and announces that she really is pregnant this time. Someone takes a photo of Reva with Jeffrey.

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