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Guiding Light
Episode Guide, 4.4.08

Today on Guiding Light, Harley's appreciative when Daisy offers to make breakfast for everyone. Harley rushes off to make funeral arrangements. When she runs into Natalia, she defends her decision to plan the funeral, arguing that his family, friends and the whole town deserve it. Natalia claims that she doesn't care about everyone else but Harley tells her that the service takes place this afternoon, with or without her.

At church later, Cyrus is aghast at the money she's spending on Gus's service but Harley insists on spending it. Daisy invites herself to the funeral with him but Rafe refuses, telling her that he must take care of his mother now. She asks if their relationship is over. Rafe explains that Gus would want him taking care of Natalia and adds that he's going to break their new apartment lease.

Ava encourages her depressed mother to snap out of it because both of her daughters need her. She then impulsively lies that she's pregnant with Bill's child. Ava then explains to Jeffrey that she lied to her mother about being pregnant to make her feel hopeful. Ava runs into Bill and asks if he'll accompany her to the funeral. He reminds her that he's with Lizzie now and points out that the both knew it wasn't serious between them.

Upset, Ava impulsively blurts out the lie that she's pregnant with his baby. At the church Harley's outraged to see Alan in attendance but Buzz admits that he brought him. Upset when Lizzie tells her she shouldn't be there, Ava makes Bill feel guilty by talking about how sorry it was for Rafe to grow up without his father.

Harley tries to say a few words about Gus but when she breaks down, it's Alan who escorts her back to her seat. She manages to speak later and afterwards, Natalia tells the crowd that Gus was her first love and that she doesn't want to say goodbye anymore. Sam surprises Olivia and tries to cheer her.

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Guiding Light
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