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Guiding Light
Episode Guide, 4.8.08

Today on Guiding Light, Ava tells Jeffrey that she thinks it's normal to want her parents to remain married. Jeffrey and Reva stop by the courthouse to talk to a judge about getting an annulment for him

However, when he gets a call that Olivia is not taking her medicine, the two rush to the hospital. There, Jeffrey chastises Olivia for feeling down in the dumps and insists she let the nurses do what they must.

Reva offers her sympathy to Rafe but when she mentions the heart transplant, he tells her to go to hell. Frustrated by her wish to die, Reva asks Olivia for a date on which she'll be gone.

Jeffrey seeks Mallet's help in finding Phillip but Dinah asks him not to go after the missing Spaulding. Dinah then asks Remy for help covering "Phillip's" trail.

He agrees in exchange for money and a place to live at the mansion.

Later, he gives Mallet a goodbye note from Phillip and boasts that he put the guy on a plane out of the country himself. Mallet's upset to read Alan's statement in the paper that Gus' accident is Mallet's fault because he didn't have enough cops out in force.

Hearing Rafe's causing trouble, Remy offers to help Natalia. He hands a pair of boxing gloves to Rafe and then goads him into punching him to let out some of his anger. Reva snaps a photo of the park named in Olivia's honor and accidentally captures Dinah and Remy together too.

Jeffrey tells Olivia that Phillip has left town. Mallet informs Dinah about Phillip leaving.

Later, Reva confronts Dinah with the photo she snapped and accuses her of being responsible for framing Alan and fooling Harley and everyone else.

Olivia calms an angry Rafe by telling him that Gus' final words were about him but then admits to Natalia that she lied. Natalia thanks her.

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