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Guiding Light
August 11, 2008

Today on Guiding Light, Daisy's uncomfortable when Alan appears and claims this is Gus' work. He suggests that Gus wants her to give Grady and him a second chance just like Tammy gave Jonathan.

Josh escorts Cassie out of the courtroom as she announces that she has done all she can for Tammy.

At Tammy's grave, Cassie tells Josh that she would like him to file for divorce today so that tomorrow it can be a fresh start for her. Josh asks if he can remain R.J. and Will's adoptive father.

Mel urges them to get some counseling but they assure her they've done that and suggest she claim irreconcilable differences.

Later, Josh tells Cassie that he's not giving up on being with Reva.

Before putting the teen on the stand, Jeffrey warns Reva that he can't go easy on Daisy. When Daisy testifies, she claims that there was no "job" and insists that she and Grady were just out for a drive.

Daisy then lies that the accident was her fault as Grady was trying to help her as she became sick from the drugs she took.

She further lies that Grady turned his eyes from the road to look at her. Jeffrey calls her a liar but Daisy stands by her story.

Jeffrey then goes on the attack and tells everyone about her troubled past and the ease with which she lies.

Afterwards, Reva asks Daisy why she lied. She explains that there was nothing more she could do for Tammy but she claims she could give Grady a second chance.

Reva warns her that one day soon, she'll have to face Cassie.

In spite of Jeffrey's impassioned closing speech, the jury pronounces Grady not guilty. Reva and Cassie are stunned but Daisy is relieved and kisses Grady.

After Alan assures her that it's okay, Natalia calls Rafe and tells her son that it's time for him to come home.

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Guiding Light
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