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Guiding Light
August 19, 2008

Today on Guiding Light:

Josh and Cassie discuss their marriage and agree that while it was something they both needed and wanted, it wasn't destined to last. Josh then signs the divorce papers Mel prepared.

Jeffrey advises Reva that he wants to postpone their wedding for a few weeks. When she complains, he explains that he's got to give the case against Alan his full attention.

An understanding Reva okays the idea and tells him to take all the time he needs to put Alan away for what he did to their family.

After Reva leaks that Grady threatened her weeks ago, Jeffrey promises Cassie that he is going to do everything he can to put Alan behind bars.

He calls Lizzie who is late for their meeting to discuss her testimony against her grandfather. When Josh overhears Reva canceling the catering order with Buzz, he makes a rude remark about Jeffrey being more interested in work than romance.

Though Reva tells Josh that they are over, Buzz later asks Reva if that's true. A sarcastic Josh thanks Jeffrey for giving Reva more time to realize her mistake.

Jeffrey asks Josh when he became such a selfish person. Bursting into the cabin, Josh brings Reva the cellphone she left behind and admits he reprogrammed it so his number comes first, ahead of Jeffrey's.

She warns him to stop coming over and threatens to call the police next time. Daisy joins Cyrus and Grady for hot dogs and a corn on the cob dinner during which Cyrus urges her and Grady to apologize to everyone in order for him to be accepting of their relationship.

Finding Cassie with her broken door, Cyrus offers to have his brother fix it but she orders him to get out.

Instead, he stays to fix it and finds out about the divorce. Jeffrey demands that Grady help him prosecute Alan or he'll bring Daisy up on perjury charges. Grady agrees to protect her.

Rafe returns to town and surprises Daisy at Marina's place.

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