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Guiding Light Recap
Thursday, August 21

Today on Guiding Light:

Olivia complains to Remy about telling Ava about the baby instead of allowing her to tell her daughter.

She announces that he is to stay away from her daughter but Remy points out that Jeffrey has approved of their relationship.

Olivia orders him to stay away
. When she suddenly feels dizzy, he settles her down and urges her to go to her doctor.

Jeffrey's upset to learn that the cop assigned by the judge to watch Alan has lost him and calls an embarrassed Marian to complain.

He meets Mallet and Marina at Alan's place where they find a train schedule. Remy warns Jeffrey that Olivia has ordered him to stay away from Ava until further notice.

He's shocked to realize that Olivia has prevented Ava from receiving his email and letters.

When Ashlee shows at Marina's hotel room, Daisy confesses that she faked the text message from Marina because she misses seeing her.

Hearing about Rafe's return, Ashlee guesses that Daisy's transferred her real feelings for Rafe to Grady.

Though she is thrilled to be reunited with her son, Natalia is upset to learn that he first paid a visit with Daisy.

Olivia interrupts and is surprised to find Rafe with his mother. While Natalia and Olivia chat about Gus, Rafe calls Daisy who suggests they meet secretly at Harley's old house.

Olivia then talks with Jeffrey about Ava and Remy. She then lets slip that Rafe is back in town and suggests that they help him and Natalia.

When he admits he wasn't aware of Rafe's return, she points out how ineffective he's been since the baby died.

She then lectures him about why he should or shouldn't marry Reva. After encouragement from Marina to go see Ava, Remy calls Rick to warn him about Olivia.

Worried about her son making bad decisions, Natalia asks Mallet to arrest her son.

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