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Guiding Light
August 4, 2008

Today on Guiding Light:

Back from her trip to see Alan about Rafe, Natalia complains to Frank that Alan wasn't even there when she arrived.

When he worries that he's going to lose his son, Lizzie boldly tells him that he wasn't his in the first place.

She offers her sympathy and he asks how someone is supposed to walk away from someone you love. Lizzie claims you don't.

They end up back at the hospital where Bill is told that little Max is in distress. He advises Olivia while Mel calls Remy back to the NICU.

When he arrives, Bill gives him a hard time until Lizzie pulls Bill away. Reva brings Jeffrey to a miniature golf place where she surprises him with an appearance by the Reverend Matthews, part of the group of "Holy Rollers" who happen to play mini-golf on Mondays.

She then invites Jeffrey to marry her right now and he agrees. But before they can start, Olivia calls Jeffrey to the hospital for an emergency.

Reva assures Jeffrey they can do this any day and hurries him to the hospital. There, Bill returns inside with Lizzie, thanks to a request by a doctor.

When a frantic Mel emerges and asks where her brother is, she starts to panic because she can't find him. She eventually leaks that the infection was too much and that Max has died.

Jeffrey and Reva catch Olivia as she collapses. Mel finds Remy in the chapel and gives him the tragic news. Olivia and Jeffrey embrace.

After Remy and Bill pass without saying a word, Reva orders Lizzie to go be with him. Reva tries to help comfort Jeffrey but when they hear Olivia vowing to sue someone, Jeffrey rushes to her and seeks Reva's help calming her for the sake of her heart.

Bill breaks down with Lizzie.

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Guiding Light
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