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Guiding Light
August 5, 2008
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Lizzie drives a distracted Bill to the office where he refuses to talk about the baby. After trying to reassure Jeffrey and Olivia that Ava is in a good place to deal with the death of her baby, Jeffrey privately tells Reva he wants to get married today.

She decides that today is not the right day for them to marry. When Dinah defends her brother's feelings about the custody issue, Olivia breaks the news to her that Max died.

Guessing he's here to call him a lousy father, Remy lashes out when his father offers his condolences. He insists he doesn't need his father but Clayton pushes him until they both agree he was going to be a good father.

The two end up embracing and crying
. Clayton joins Jeffrey at the Towers Bar and both remark that they should have been toasting to the birth of their new grandson.

Later, Jeffrey talks with Ava on the phone and she invites him to come see her. Josh stops by the cabin and fills it with roses for Reva.

He later ends up consoling a suspicious Jeffrey.

After Bill suggests she talk with Remy about the memorial service, Lizzie pays the grieving father a visit and urges him to have a memorial service and a grave marker where he can go to think about his son.

She urges him to be the person who tells Ava what happened.

Shocked by the news about his baby, Dinah confesses to Bill that she gave Remy money so that he would leave town with the baby in hopes that Bill would get on with his life.

Furious to hear she cashed a company check for the payoff, Bill decides to have her arrested and tells Mallet he wants to press charges.

When Remy runs into them outside the station house, he thanks Dinah for trying to help. Bill apologizes to Lizzie for his past deceit.

Caught taking his roses back, Josh admits he brought her a rose for every year they've been together but has decided today's the wrong day for it.

When she suggests they call their kids, Reva panics that none of Shayne's numbers are working.

While Jeffrey is telling Olivia about going to see Ava, Remy enters Ava's room.

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Guiding Light
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