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Guiding Light
August 6, 2008

Today on Guiding Light ...

As Mallet urges a stubborn Dinah to call her mother to come bail her out of jail, Vanessa asks Bill why he is treating his sister this way. He confirms that he hates her and reveals his plans to get an annulment.

Mallet ends up bailing out Dinah and takes her out for a picnic. She thanks him for helping her but insists she has her family now. Mallet points out that her brother wants nothing to do with her.

When Bill stops by the hospital to make arrangements for Max's burial, he's outraged to hear that "Mrs. Lewis" already made arrangements for the baby to be buried yesterday. Seeing Remy signed the paperwork, Bill starts screaming so Lizzie intervenes and pulls him out and takes him to the church.

There, after Bill admits that "maybe" he married Ava for the wrong reasons, he kisses her but she pushes him back and though she confesses she's in love with him, Lizzie states that she can't be with him.

She adds that she is going back to L.A. after the memorial service. Grady guesses that Cyrus is going to use Marina to help him during her upcoming trial.

When Cyrus runs into Marina in the gym, he assures her that he's not "playing" her but she guesses he is. When she asks why Harley didn't go back to him, she realizes that he cheated on her too.

A guilt-ridden Daisy assures Grady that she'll do anything to help him so he asks her to testify at his trial that he's not a killer.

When she doesn't respond, he admits that he doesn't trust her anymore but offers to travel Europe with her if she'll help him.

Calling her the "tie breaker," he instructs her how to blame Alan for Tammy's death, insisting he only needs "reasonable doubt" to be free.

Later, Cyrus asks her to lie for his brother too. When Lizzie runs into Grady and warns her not to hurt Daisy, he claims he never would unless Daisy hurts him first.

Dinah asks Bill to let her into the mansion but he refuses to acknowledge her. Grady overhears his brother tell Daisy not to perjure herself.

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