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Alan leaves a message for Grady, warning him that Bill is out of his coma. Alan's unimpressed when Lizzie explains she expected her family would be happy that Bill was coming home.

Lizzie then sets up a bedroom for Bill.

Bringing him gum and sports magazines, Daisy explains to Bill that she is the person who found him and Lizzie after their accident. She later talks about his relationship with Lizzie and admits that they inspire her.

As she helps him walk down the hall, they find Grady in the corridor.

Welcoming him back, Grady is relieved that Bill doesn't recognize him as the kidnapper though Bill does sense something about him.

Lizzie confides to Bill that Dinah was so despondent after his accident that she left town.

Buzz confides to a shocked Lillian that he caught Beth in her "nightie" at the Beacon and learned from her own mouth that she is having an affair.

Lillian wonders why their children inherit their worst traits.

Ashlee questions Coop about the new woman in his life and learns that she is "different." When he won't tell her the woman's name, Ashlee guesses that relationship is serious.

Ashlee thanks Grady for protecting her from the mugger and suggests that he get a real job to help everyone's perception of him. Grady lies to Ashlee and Daisy about a job interview so he can meet Alan.

He's relieved to hear that Bill didn't recognize him.

Grady announces that he's done and wants his money. Lillian confronts her daughter about her secret lover but Beth reminds her that she's not married to Alan and can do what she wants.

She later meets Coop and claims their relationship is too complicated now. He tries to take her to bed but she leaves her room key and asks him to give it back to the front desk.

Later, Coop confides to Buzz that he's involved with Beth.

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