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Cyrus runs into an old friend of Alexandra’s and sneaks into her room. Catherine catches Cyrus stealing her pearls and then invites him to go to Tuscany with her. He agrees and then runs smack into Marina. Cyrus tells Marina he doesn’t like what he’s made her into. Marina breaks down in front of Mallet.

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Turning to Mallet for comfort, Marina impulsively leans in and kisses him. Harley reveals to Frank that it was Marina who made up the immigration case just so Cyrus would marry her. She admits she may have had feelings for Cyrus, but she’ll take care of it now. Harley can’t believe Marina broke up with Cyrus and suddenly, finds herself kissing him. Beth tells Lizzie she understands why Jon did what he had to do. Lizzie seems to be moved by her argument. Beth overhears Ava on the phone with Alan, telling him she’ll get him through customs ASAP. Bill is pissed that Beth won’t work him to run Jon out of town, as she doubts Bill’s intentions with Lizzie. Beth says goodbye to Rick, telling him she’s going on a ladies-only weekend. But she’s off to pay Alan an island visit. Bill tells Jon he’ll help him get Sarah back, so that Jon and Sarah will leave town and then Bill will have Lizzie all to himself. Bill helps Jon sneak into the mansion, but as soon as they do, two guards come and tackle Jon.

When Bill arrives he’s expecting Lizzie to be grateful but she’s sick of his twisted games. Jon and Lizzie don’t want to keep kidnapping the kid from the other. As they share a sweet moment, lying next to Sarah in bed, we see Bill looking in from the patio, not liking this at all.

Guiding Light
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