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Bill arrives and sits next to Lizzie just as Josh pronounces Gus and Natalia husband and wife. When Gus gets a call about the heart waiting for Olivia, Natalia confesses that she locked her in the Bauer cabin so she wouldn't ruin their wedding. The two hurry to the cabin where Gus carries her out. At the hospital Olivia's outraged to learn that because she didn't respond in time, they gave her heart to another person...

Later, Olivia curls up with a sleeping Gus after Natalia goes home alone on her wedding night. As Lizzie guesses Bill is at the church because he's in love with her, Bill tries to deny it but then claims he would do anything to protect her from Jonathan. He invites her to move in with him so she and Sarah will be safe. On St. Gabriel, Beth tells Alan that she left Rick for him if he'll have her...

Alan guesses she's lying because of Sarah and Jonathan but she offers herself to him as proof. Beth calls Lizzie to let her know what she's doing and that Alan knows that Jonathan and Sarah are alive. After Bill accidentally lets slip that he told Alan about Jonathan and Sarah, Lizzie kisses him and then slaps him, vowing never to forgive him if either are hurt. Taking an envelope full of cash, Remy hands the gun to Jonathan...

Josh urges Jonathan to be the man Tammy thought he was and not seek revenge. Worried that Alan kidnapped Beth, Rick gets Josh to arrange to fly him to St. Gabriel. Jonathan slips on board and Alan's security prevents Rick from attacking Alan, but Jonathan surprises Alan. Pulling out a gun, Jonathan vows to make him feel pain until he begs to be killed. Beth realizes that her water broke...

Guiding Light
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