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Reva and Jeffrey arrive at the cabin with plans to have fun inside only to find the place trashed. Cassie apologizes while Will claims that he sometimes gets mad. Cassie admits she saw Reva with Josh and became upset. She also blames Alan but Reva is tired of it and points out that Cassie can't replace the things that were broken.

Bill arrives and Reva refuses to let him inside. Claiming he's worried about Jonathan, he asks her about Aubrey. She refuses to say anything but does leak that her last name is Cross. Bill goes online and finds a story about Aubrey Cross' sheriff father who was found dead. After Lizzie leaks that she's marrying Jonathan, Bill warns her future husband might have killed a man but Lizzie doesn't believe him.

Reva asks Cassie if Will considers her a threat to him but when Cassie screams that this was her fault, Jeffrey calls for the police to come arrest Will and insists he's trying to help the boy. At the station house Cassie pleads with Josh to spring Will but he suggests this is the best place for the boy to get the help he needs. She runs into Jonathan who boasts that he and Lizzie are getting married.

Back at the cabin, Reva apologizes for going on and on about Josh the other day and thanks him for supporting her. Josh seeks her help with Cassie but Reva announces she's with Jeffrey now and asks him to leave her out of his marital problems. Back at the station, Cassie tells Jeffrey that her life fell apart after they broke up. Lizzie and Jonathan ask Josh to marry them for Sarah's sake.

Concerned Bernadette is sick, Beth brings "Bernie" to Rick who is upset when she's not sure she's keeping the name. After Mel warns that Alan's lawyers are calling, Beth tells Rick that if wants to be the dad, he's got to blame Cassie for the paternity test switch. Bill watches as Jonathan places a ring on Lizzie's finger.

Guiding Light
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