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Guiding Light Prologue
Unaware they've prevented Cyrus and Harley from having sex in the back of her car, Frank and Rick arrive to pick up the sports trophies just before Cyrus slips out. When they find her shirt and pants unbuttoned, Harley blames it on a panic attack. Rick confides to Harley his concern for Jude's safety because of her panic attacks. Jude gives Daisy and Rafe a hard time when they start to kiss.

Guiding Light Episode Guide Pt. I
Daisy points out to Ashlee how much she's enjoying her brothers and Ashlee guesses she's maturing. Marina's disgusted by the attention Harley receives from her relatives after she returns. Cyrus secretly slips Harley a key to his hotel room. After having the sex again, Natalia sends Gus back to Olivia with both agreeing to keep up the ruse that they've separated. Ava's upset when she discovers Olivia's emergency call was a request to help her pick out a color for her new pedicure.

Guiding Light Episode Guide Pt. II

Olivia boasts to her daughter that she hopes that Gus will soon fall in love with her. Gus finds Olivia with Emma at the mall. When Natalia and Rafe walk by, Natalia tries to steer her son away. Rafe's outraged to see his father with Olivia but Natalia defends what Gus is doing. Vowing to fight for Daisy, Rafe defiantly kisses his girlfriend when he catches her outside Company with Ashlee. Daisy's curious about his new attitude so Rafe explains he's not going to make the same mistake his father made. Natalia's upset to see them kissing.

Guiding Light Epilogue
After Frank lays into Gus for how he dumped Harley and now is spending all his time with Olivia rather than his new wife, Frank orders him to stay away from Harley. Olivia suggests Gus go home to work things out with Rafe. Instead, Gus overhears Emma asking her mother about death and opts to stay with them. A pouting Marina tells Buzz that she loves Cyrus and will never leave him.

Guiding Light
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