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Guiding Light Prologue
Jonathan turns to Jeffrey for help keeping Bill for ruining his wedding plans for today. Jeffrey urges Jonathan to tell Reva that he's leaving town with Sarah and Lizzie but he sadly reports that he can't say goodbye to her again. Jonathan invites Cassie to his wedding and confirms it won't be easy for him.

Guiding Light Episode Guide Pt. 1
Holding on to his box of mementos about Tammy, Jonathan announces that he's got to say goodbye to her. After Jonathan warns Lizzie that Roxie will ruin their chances of making a safe escape from Springfield, a teary-eyed Lizzie asks her mother to take care of her dog. Bill leaks to Ava that Lizzie is marrying Jonathan and tries to take her to bed but she's not interested. Getting her nails done, Lizzie spots Bill and assumes he's going to try and stop her from marrying Jonathan. He claims he's there to pick up his date Marlene.

Guiding Light Episode Guide Pt. 2
Handing her a flower before he leaves, Bill wishes Lizzie a happy wedding and kisses her one last time. Jonathan gives Lizzie a chance to back out but she wants to marry him. Jeffrey warns Bill to stop investigating Tourmaline but Bill claims he's moved on. Jeffrey plays dumb but Bill assures him it's a dead issue as far as he is concerned. Cassie is hurt when she overhears Reva tell Josh that Jonathan's going to have to forget about Tammy to get through today.

Guiding Light Epilogue
As guests gather at the bar for the ceremony, Beth receives word that Alan is back in Springfield. As Josh begins the ceremony, Bill bursts into Outskirts and asks Lizzie to stop, calling it a mistake.

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Guiding Light
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