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Guiding Light Prologue
Bill barges in and temporarily stops the ceremony by telling Reva that Jonathan and Lizzie are planning to skip town with Sarah after the ceremony. When that doesn't work, he blurts out that Lizzie should be in Springfield with him. When she asks him if he loves her, Bill stumbles over his words. Reva lashes out at Jonathan.

Guiding Light Episode Guide, Part I
Josh sides with Reva which infuriates Cassie who decides she's had enough and walks out. Alan arrives and promises he won't do anything to Sarah. As Lizzie asks Josh to continue, Bill starts to object but Billy pulls his son out and takes him back to the Cross Creek cabin. When it comes time to get the bride and groom to say "I do," Lizzie runs out. Alan tries to convince Jonathan to forget marrying Lizzie.

Guiding Light Episode Guide, Part II
Offering him the baby, Beth introduces Alan to their daughter "Peyton Spaulding." Lizzie interrupts Bill and Billy at the cabin and, after Billy leaves, the two admit their attraction and kiss. As she leaves the cabin, Jonathan grabs Lizzie and warns that she's his enemy now because she's sided with Bill. Cassie flirts with the guard until he agrees to let Will leave with her as long as she brings him back by lock down.

Guiding Light Epilogue
Unapologetic, Cassie counters with an accusation that Reva wants Josh back. Stephen advises Josh that he must get Cassie to apologize for what she did or he'll never get his job back. Jeffrey offers to help him but Josh won't force Cassie's hand. Rick is revealed to be behind bars, thanks to Alan.

Guiding Light
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