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Guiding Light Prologue

When Will comes home "sick," school principle Larry Salat advises Cassie that Will has actually been suspended and adds that the psychiatrist thinks that he needs professional help. Josh is taken aback when Lillian explains what really happened the other day at the train tracks with R.J. and Will.

Guiding Light Episode Recap

Josh tries to ask R.J. for the truth but R.J. admits he's afraid. Josh slips into the farm, grabs Will and takes him to the private school to be enrolled. But when Will is left alone for a minute, Cassie finds him and takes him home, where she suggests they go on a trip together. Doris hands Jeffrey the file on Randall and announces that she wants him to prosecute him. He claims Jonathan was protecting his daughter but she orders him to do his job. Bill asks Billy if he can run Lewis Construction but Billy doesn't want to talk about it.

Guiding Light Episode Recap, Part II

Reva is surprised to see Jonathan with Lizzie in her room at the mansion. After Jonathan claims that they've worked out an arrangement, Reva asks Lizzie if she can understand why she had her kidnapped to save Sarah. Lizzie still blasts her for keeping a secret for so long but Reva reminds her of the threat that Alan is. She also points out her actions prove she protects her family. Reva (Kim Zimmer) asks Jeffrey to clear Jonathan of the kidnaping charges but he explains it's not that easy. Ava's unconcerned when Bill asks if she told Alan.

Guiding Light Epilogue

Billy, Bill, Reva and Jeffrey surprise them and tell the couple that they are family and will be protected if they stay. After finally agreeing to remain in Springfield, Jonathan steps outside and makes a call to convince the authorities to allow Alan back into the country.

Guiding Light
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