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Harley (Beth Ehlers) and Cyrus wake and are shocked to discover they are naked. After receiving a bouquet of flowers from Bill, Buzz calls Marina about her election investigation. He runs to Harley's place to find Cyrus but a nervous Harley lies that he's not there.

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Bill advises Buzz that he's got a crew of men ready to begin demolition once the mayor gives the word. Buzz is troubled by an off-hand comment about his parents and how proud they would be. He asks Cyrus to keep Bill away from the swearing in ceremony today.

Calling from New York, Marina tells him that Einstein did fix the election. Stopping by Harley's to pick up a tie for Zach, he's upset to overhear Harley telling Cyrus about seeing each other naked earlier. Coop is not pleased when Ava kisses him as she excitedly tells him how happy she is to be a part of Buzz's big day...

Hearing Ava blasting Ashlee for showing up at Company, Buzz realizes it was Ashlee who forced the computer expert to alter the election results and now, that said, Ava is blackmailing her. Admitting the truth, Ashlee (Caitlin Van Zandt) confesses that she had to insure that her mother was not elected mayor.


After he's sworn in, Buzz begins his speech but announces the truth about the election and says Doris won. He runs out after he decides not to tell everyone that Ashlee was behind the fraud. Doris then vows to assure the people responsible will be punished.

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