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Ashlee asks her mother what she wants from her for saving Bill's neck. Doris admits that she now realizes how good Bill is for her and wanted to make sure he stays in her life.

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Ashlee is further amazed when Doris admits she thinks Buzz is one of the good guys. Coop advises Ava he wants nothing to do with her. Though Harley downplays her feeling for Cyrus because's he's now engaged to Marina, Buzz presses her to realize that she might hurt her niece.

He asks if Marina knows that Cyrus has feelings for her.

Remy calls Marina who makes a nearby Cyrus believe that INS is calling to check to see if she truly is going to marry Cyrus. Amazed he's going to ask Frank for her hand, Marina hands Cyrus her bulletproof vest. Harley (Beth Ehlers) just happens to be at the station when Cyrus asks Frank to okay him marrying Marina.

Frank points out Cyrus came to town to rob people but Harley interrupts and urges Frank to let Cyrus and Marina be happy. Coop enters a darkened Company and finds an angry Bill there. After pouring gasoline all over, Bill pulls out a lighter and threatens to set the place on fire.

Lizzie (Marcy Rylan) bursts in and pleads with Bill to stop before he ruins his life further.

When Bill calms down, Coop threatens to call the police until Lizzie reminds him that Coop owes Bill. She yells at Bill to start acting like an adult and when he asks why, she claims she's carrying his baby. Doris sheepishly asks Buzz if he'll be her friend. At an impromptu engagement party at Company, Marina asks Harley to be her maid of honor. Harley starts crying as Buzz toasts the happy couple.


Marina watches them together. Telling Buzz he won't interfere with Marina's plans, Frank decides to call INS and tell them to back off the investigation of Cyrus.

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