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Josh and Will comfort Cassie as she looks at a photo of Tammy. Reva is with Alan, as she nervously scans the area for Jon. Lizzie is devastated to learn she’s not actually pregnant. Bill will eventually get his sight back.

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Reva is desperately searching for Jon when she finds Sarah’s luggage. Josh and RJ are nervous as Will is acting weird again. Remy warns that Alan better stay far away today. It’s obvious Billy cares for Lizzie a lot.

Cassie heads out when no one’s looking and sees Tammy. Cassie sees two white roses on her grave (left by Jonathan). Alan comes as close to apologizing as possible and Cassie invites him into the memorial.

Cassie gives a speech about how Tammy is in heaven with Jon and Sarah. Jeffrey hears a noise and thinks it’s Jon. Reva and Jeffrey cover. Jon is lost in emotion and doesn’t notice Sarah crawl away...

Jeffrey tells Josh he got Will into the special boarding school. Bill tells Lizzie he wants to give it another shot and Lizzie can’t bring herself to tell him she’s not pregnant. Alone, Lizzie thinks she sees Sarah...


Josh brings up the boarding school, Cassie reveals that she promised Tammy she’d never send Will away, Bill realizes with amazement his vision is returning, and the very first thing he sees is Jonathan in the shadows.

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