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A frantic Lizzie (Marcy Rylan) insists to Beth that she saw Sarah at the church but Beth tries to convince her she is mistaken. Lizzie then leaks that she thought she was pregnant with Bill's child but the 15 home pregnancy tests she took told her otherwise.

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Beth urges her to tell Bill the truth but when she asks Rick to back her up, his own guilt makes him mumble another response. Bill eyes Jonathan peering into the church from outside but when Dinah distracts him for a second, he turns back and doesn't see anyone. Dinah's is startled that Lizzie is pregnant.

Olivia's disappointed as Natalia and not Gus shows up with her medications. Natalia assures Olivia that if she's needed, she'll take care of Emma as if she were her own daughter. Finding Olivia asking Gus to write her will, Natalia asks them both how Alan knew that she was alone at the cabin.

Telling Gus (Ricky Paull Goldin) he knows of one person who would be sad if he should die, Alan invites Beth to Sarah's memorial service. He invites her to fly to St. Gabriel for a healing getaway afterwards and a nearby Rick overhears and insists they both go. Later, Alan arranges for Rick's work schedule to be changed ...


Meeting secretly, Reva (Kim Zimmer) chastises Jonathan for taunting Alan (Ron Raines). She urges him to stop his actions for fear Alan will find out he's alive. Reva panics to hear Lizzie caught sight of Sarah too. Later, Jonathan worries when Lizzie arrives at the Bauer cabin with a suitcase.

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