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Marina asks Harley to help her plan the wedding. Meanwhile, Cyrus assures Buzz he’s madly in love with Marina and will take care of her. When Cyrus explains he doesn’t want to get married so soon, Marina asks Remy to place one more notice under their door as “Immigration.”

Episode Guide, Part I

On the first part of Guiding Light, Harley decides she’ll call immigration to make sure they lay off Cyrus. While looking for Cyrus’s passport, Harley notices something being slipped under the door. Harley opens the door only to Remy. When Marina sees a judge she knows, she suggests asking him to marry her and Cyrus tonight. Lizzie is about to see Jon and Sarah when Reva arrives and distracts her.

Episode Guide, Part II

Jon sees Tammy and she tells him to let go of her, and move on. Sarah drops her doll outside the car and as Reva goes to get it she notices another car pulling up, and it's Alan. She desperately tries to block him from seeing Sarah. Vanessa is thrilled to hear Lizzie’s pregnant, but Alan overhears. Lizzie learns that Alan knows about the “pregnancy” and can’t help but be touched by Bill's actions ...


Lizzie is desperately trying to seduce Bill, but he can tell something is off. Frustrated, she runs out the door and Bill chases after her. Lizzie blurts to Bill that there’s no baby. As he grabs her, she struggles to free herself and nearly falls in to oncoming traffic.

Guiding Light
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