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Guiding Light Prologue

When the Dr. advises her that she's enabling Will, Cassie fires her and is shocked when Will pushes Cassie over during an argument. Reva and Jeffrey find a drugged Jonathan waking at the Bauer cabin. They reveal that Gus has filed papers that would give Lizzie full custody of Sarah.

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Jeffrey offers to help keep Alan (Ron Raines) out of the country as long as possible. Cassie is thrilled to see Jonathan is alive and claims it's like she has a part of Tammy back. Reva apologizes for not telling her but Cassie comments that she knows she had to do whatever she could.

Jonathan babysits Will while Cassie goes to talk with Lizzie. Will calls Jonathan his hero and gets him talking about how his father was drowned. Finding his mother taking care of Emma, Rafe points out to Natalia how she was all set to marry Gus and now the wedding is a distant thought.

Olivia (Crystal Chappell) schemes to get Gus alone again but Natalia ruins it. Jeffrey asks if Dinah knows where Bill is and stuns her with the story about Jonathan's return and the kidnapping of Sarah. Dinah takes Bill's side and suggests that he's Reva's lapdog. Cassie and Reva find Gus at the mansion.

Guiding Light Epilogue

Gus (Ricky Paull Goldin) changes his mind and tells them that he will talk with Lizzie. Will reads a book about boats and then calls Josh about going for a boat ride. Later, Gus confronts Reva about Lizzie.

Guiding Light
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