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As Guiding Light begins, Josh returns home to Cassie, and greets Will. Josh tells Cassie he was in San Cristobel to see Edmund, who called to say that Will pushed him off the balcony. Cassie refuses to believe Will did this.

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Lizzie is the first on the scene after the explosion rocks the trailer. She calls for help and calms Bill as he passes out. Lizzie calls Billy about Bill. Dinah hears this and quickly decides to check herself out.

Ava finds Coop drinking on a bench and is worried to hear Ashlee (Caitlin van Zandt) confessed to having fixed the election results. When she learns about Bill's accident, Coop admits he's responsible. Jeffrey advises Reva (Kim Zimmer) that he's thinking of taking the D.A.'s job now.

Both are taken aback by her use of the "L word" when Reva lets slip about one of the things that she "loves" about him. Ava calls and Jeffrey finds her with Coop. She says he was responsible for the accident.

Jeffrey interrupts them and announces that he can't take the case anyway because he just signed back on as the D.A. He advises Coop to call Mel for legal help and is curious when Ava lets slip that she may lose Olivia.

Ava tries to drug Bill but he opts not to drink the spiked wine. At the hospital, Josh confides to Reva that he thinks Will pushed Edmund.


Will takes Edmund's buttons and plants them in Reva's bag. He later calls the police with a tip and Mallet finds the missing buttons. Before being taken to prison, Ashlee turns down Coop's offer to post bail.

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