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Guiding Light
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July 15, 2008

Today on Guiding Light, Reva's curious when Hawk admits he invited Josh to a party to watch the tape of the wedding scene at the house.

Grady gives his brother a hard time when he stops by his cell for a visit and wonders why he ever decided to stay in Springfield.

He insists the drugs that were found on him aren't his and were planted by Reva. Cyrus confronts Frank who denies framing Grady.

Carson's surprised to find Reva at the Cross Creek cabin and reminds her of her promise to stay away until filming is over.

Upset, she orders him to get out. When Daisy arrives and realizes she's living there, Reva admits that she and Jeffrey are "working things out."

Daisy confides that she likes Jeffrey and thinks he's good for her. Later, Daisy visits with Grady but they are rudely interrupted by Reva who warns her to stay away from the guy who killed Tammy.

Claiming he needs to see his minister, Grady convinces a guard to fetch Josh for him. Josh is outraged but Grady insists he needs his help.

After Grady takes great pleasure in telling him that Reva framed him, Josh confronts Reva who is unpacking at the cabin. He asks if she and Jeffrey are apart.

She denies it but then admits that she might have pushed Jeffrey too far. After Josh helps her unpack, Carson remarks how Josh is there to help her.

Hawk's thrilled to find Reva's moved back into the cottage and boasts to a shaken Reva that he started the movie project in hopes of reuniting them.

Finding Daisy unable to get into Harley's place, Cyrus helps her break in and decides to stay there with her to protect her.

Daisy returns to Grady and confesses that she loves him. But when she asks him to love her back, the guard orders her out before he can say anything.

Cyrus accuses Reva of framing his brother and gets her to admit it. She boasts that no one will believe anything he says but Cyrus has secretly recorded her confession.

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