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Guiding Light
Thurs., July 17, 2008

Today on Guiding Light:

Bill seeks Billy's help with the unions. Billy takes him to his favorite barber where he introduces his son to one of the local union leaders who agrees to give Bill a chance.

After thanking his father, Bill pleases him by revealing the baby will be named Max Harlan Lewis. Lizzie assumes he's cheating on Beth when she catches Alan advising three attractive women.

Insisting everything is innocent, he privately tells Lizzie the women could be called "Alan's groupies" who seek advice from him When Natalia stops by to chat about Rafe, Alan invites her to join them but she runs off Natalia as does Lizzie who seeks help from her mother. Bill finds Alan on the ground in the parking lot.

Mumbling at first, Alan claims that his son was just giving him a sign. Concerned, Bill calls Lizzie who helps get Alan to the hospital.

There, Lizzie tries to warn Bill to be careful. Alan interrupts and claims that he's received another message from Gus. Dinah's pleased when Bill seeks her help with a press interview until Beth laughs that Tonya the reporter is a fashion reporter, not a business columnist.

After overhearing Lizzie complaining to Beth about Bill, Dinah meets with Guy the realtor and learns about the log cabin, her brother's latest purchase. Guy later talks with Tonya about Bill's new house.

Remy confesses to Mel that he told Ava that he loves her.

Eventually, she confesses that she has never allowed herself to fall in love with anyone. Alan returns home where he meets with his groupies who now include Natalia.

In spite of warning Natalia not to trust Alan, Olivia also secretly listens in to his chat with them.

Bill approaches Lizzie about them helping each other. Guessing he wants her there as a prop, Lizzie tells him she isn't interested.

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