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Guiding Light
July 2, 2008: Recap

Today on Guiding Light:

Reading the front page story about Bill and Ava's nuptials today, Lizzie decides to head to the mansion but Dinah catches her snooping.

She tells Lizzie that Bill doesn't love her anymore and urges her to stop doing this to herself. When she asks her why she's doing this, Lizzie admits she's not sure.

Dinah orders security to keep her off the property. Suggesting he's just doing what's right for the baby, Reva lectures Billy about allowing Bill to make his own decisions. Lizzie confronts Reva and asks where Jonathan is because she needs some advice.

Reva claims he's between places so she doesn't know.

Though she's upset he peeked inside her room and broke with tradition by seeing her on their wedding day, Ava's thrilled when Bill surprises her with a necklace.

Billy calls and leaves a message for his son, urging him not to marry Ava if he doesn't love her. Remy slips in to see Ava and tries to convince her she's making a mistake but she sends him away.

Dinah boasts to Bill that she caught Lizzie and kicked her out.

When Jeffrey is nowhere to be found, Bill goes looking for him and runs into Reva who wonders if Billy gave him the Lewis "it's never too late" speech.

Arriving for the ceremony, Reva suggests to Olivia that Jeffrey doesn't support the wedding. Both Lizzie and Remy make their way back on the grounds.

Remy asks Bill if he loves Ava and when he only asks him to leave, Remy guesses what his answer is. Later, when Ava returns to her room for the necklace, she finds Remy there.

He confesses that he's in love with her and asks her not to marry Bill. Lizzie surprises Bill in the mansion and confesses that Ava's baby is not his.

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