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Guiding Light
Thursday, July 3

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Today on Guiding Light, Remy confesses his love to Ava and pushes her to admit she has feelings for him too. She's unable to confirm it and when Olivia joins them, Ava tells Remy to leave.

Leaking Ava's lie to him, Lizzie tells a stunned Bill that she overheard Jeffrey on the phone talking with the clinic about the baby Ava is carrying.

She shows him the file as proof and suggests that Jeffrey's concerned that he doesn't love Ava. Lizzie claims she felt she had to make sure he knew the truth. Olivia is relieved when Jeffrey arrives for the wedding.

He excuses his absence and after he runs to see Ava, Reva and Olivia both wonder what's wrong with him. Reva's pleased to see Billy with Vanessa and talks to Billy about past Lewis weddings.

Hilda reveals that Wanda won't be making it to the ceremony. Olivia finds Jeffrey has yet to talk with Ava and he admits his fear they are pushing Ava to marry to soon.

Olivia's upset to hear Lizzie is talking with Bill and Jeffrey worries her when he guesses there won't be a wedding. He finds Lizzie outside and asks what Bill is going to do.

She complains that Bill will always remember her as the person who told him the truth about Ava's baby on the worst day of his life. Lizzie suggests it's Bill's decision to make and walks out.

Olivia spots remy and orders him to get out but Dinah insists he's her date. Bill confronts Ava about her terrible lie and she gives him one excuse after another, none of which he believes.

Surprisingly, Bill announces that they will marry but they will have separate lives privately while they'll be the loving couple in public.

He explains that he loves the baby more than he hates her for lying and then heads out to greet his guests. Ava guesses Jeffrey told Bill but he corrects her that he actually told Lizzie.

He insists she deserves a man who loves her. He's disgusted to hear that she's going ahead with the wedding. As they say their vows, a disappointed Lizzie and Remy watch from afar.

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