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Guiding Light
July 4, 2008

Today on Guiding Light ...

Rick takes a call from his father who urges him to continue the fine tradition by hosting the Bauer barbecue himself.

Beth arrives after he finishes with Ed and suggests that he move on like she has. When Rick stops by to tell them that he's canceling the barbecue tradition for this year, Cassie and Josh offer to host the event.

Meanwhile, Lizzie talks with Alan about hosting the Spaulding picnic and whether Beth will be in his life again. Alan suggests that if things work out, it will be great.

Ava complains to Bill for not coming to bed last night.

He tells her he's keeping the room he's been using and suggests she get out of the marriage what she can. He insists she accompany him to the hospital for a doctor's appointment he arranged.

There, a wistful Remy eyes them together.

Lizzie stuns him with the news about Ava's pregnancy but it takes awhile for the shocking truth to sink in. He confronts Ava and when she reaches out to him, he orders her not to touch him.

At Company Marina helps get the food in order as Lillian, Buzz, Mallet and Frank get ready for today's party. After assuring her that Rafe and Harley are fine, Buzz invites Natalia to come to the barbecue with him.

Bill meets Lizzie at the gazebo and confesses that he's still madly in love with her. He claims he can't live without her but she walks away.

Beth convinces Rick to attend the Bauer barbecue, pointing out it's an important tradition. Thanking her for telling him the truth, Remy confides that he almost convinced Ava to go away with him.

When Alan takes a fall down the basement stairs, he assures Lizzie he's fine and then announces that he wants to attend the Bauer barbecue.

Claiming she's onboard with showing off they're a power couple, Ava tells Bill they should attend the barbecue too. There, as Lizzie watches, Ava kisses Bill but Lizzie fails to see him tell his new wife to back off.

After Rick shows his son how to make his burgers, Alan compliments him on the nice party.

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