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Guiding Light
June 10, 2008 Recap

Today on Guiding Light, after he assures her the hiding place she arranged for him will work, Grady tells Daisy he's running low on money. She offers to bring him food and some pillows for the makeshift bed.

Buzz catches her taking food from Company so she lies that it's for the film crew at the cottage. After he okays the food, she secretly garbs the cash from the register and runs out.

Looking for Alan at the mansion, Grady's surprised by Dinah who announces that she owns the property. Dinah advises him that he'll have no luck getting cash from Alan.

Coop explains to Ashlee that his publisher has lined up many press interviews before the release date of his book. He senses something's bothering Ashlee but she won't admit it.

As they exchange banter about his sharp uniform, Marina points out to Mallet that she is his superior on the force. Armed with various photos, Grady searches through Springfield for the pictured people.

Finding Harley's house empty, Daisy grabs some cash from a cookbook and a blanket for Grady. Catching her with a blanket, Mallet assumes it's for Rafe and questions Daisy about Rafe.

Daisy denies that she is hiding him and claims she knows nothing about his disappearance.

Dinah apologizes to Buzz for Frank's demotion and vows to make it up to him. Ashlee's pleased to run into the mystery man from the park again.

Admitting his name is Grady, he suggests she'd look great in a blue dress to match her eyes.

Later, a scheming Blake invites Ashlee to come to her place to try on her new dress and helps accessorize her look.

Ashlee boasts to Coop about how much Blake helped her get ready for the upcoming party. Daisy and Grady give his makeshift bed a workout in his hiding place.

Until next time on Guiding Light ...

Guiding Light
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