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Guiding Light
Episode Guide, 6.2.08

Today on Guiding Light ...

As she sits by Jeffrey's hospital bed, Josh confronts Reva about her engagement and points out that she never asked him to marry her. When Jeffrey finally wakes, Reva lets him know that he was shot.

When Josh reveals that Jeffrey has finally come to, Cassie announces that she's making him something to eat. Daisy talks to Ashlee about Harley, while a mysterious man watches.

On a run Ashlee twists her ankle and "G" appears to give her a hand. "G" helps Ashlee to a bench but disappears when Josh comes by. Ashlee finds dog tags in the grass and later puts them around her neck.

After spending time with Ashlee, Daisy visits with Jeffrey and assures him that Rafe didn't mean to shoot him. She asks him to tell the police that the shooting was an accident.

When it's time for him to talk, Jeffrey announces that the shooting was an accident and that he was actually holding the gun when it went off. Cassie sends the officer out of the room and then surprises Jeffrey with her huevos ranchers.

Though he's pleased she brought the hot sauce, Jeffrey assures her he never liked her eggs. Reva then asks Daisy to be one of her bridesmaids.

As the police realize that Jeffrey's fingerprints are not on the weapon, Jeffrey confides to Reva that he lied about being responsible for the shooting because he doesn't really remember what happened.

Hearing they're filming the scene where Josh found out that she married H.B., Josh offers to go help the actors with a few questions they have for Reva. When Josh the actor pesters him with questions about his past, Josh asks to see a copy of the script.

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