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Guiding Light
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June 20, 2008

Today, on Guiding Light ...

Lizzie shows Alan the newspaper article about Grady and he responds that the guy is supposed to be in Australia.

He's surprised when Lizzie vows not to allow the thug to implicate Alan for the sake of the family.

Cassie and Alan share stories about visions they've had of their dead loved ones but Cassie assures him she won't give up on having him prosecuted.

Reva worries to Josh about Cassie taking the law into her own hands and downplays his concern that Grady may go after her should he get out of jail.

Claiming he owes him, Cyrus assures his brother that he'll get him out of jail. He confronts Lizzie in her room and she gives him the name of Henry Hirsch, their family attorney.

Cassie fires Cyrus from his job at the Beacon as he claims innocence. She's outraged when he talks about "fixing this" and silences him when she asks why she shouldn't hate him as much as she hates his brother.

Reva faces off with Grady and blasts him for taking her son's life though Grady claims he was no saint. She hints that Alan's about to make a deal

Pointing out she knows about his membership in the Caesar Club for call girls, Lizzie blackmails Judge Brennan into granting Grady bail and orders Grady to leave town as he promised.

Reva urges Alan to cut a deal with the D.A. before Grady does. Josh asks Cassie to let Jeffrey handle Grady and invites her to go away with him. Alan ends up in church as he considers what to do.

Cassie is outraged when she sees Grady out of jail with his brother. Alan arrives at the station house to make a statement but, thanks to a call from Grady, Lizzie pulls him away and won't allow him to talk.

Finding Buzz on the phone with Harley, Cassie grabs the phone and insists she needs to know something about her friend Cyrus.

What happens next? Find out next week on Guiding Light!

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