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Guiding Light
June 23, 2008
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Today on Guiding Light, boasting to Jeffrey that he's being released from the hospital, Reva invites him to come home with her. Though she assures him he can live where he wants, Jeffery happily accepts her offer.

On the phone with Harley, Cassie boasts that the murderer who killed her daughter is Cyrus' brother.

Harley claims she already knew that so Cassie reveals that she slept with Cyrus who she insists was more than willing to bed her.

When Cassie calls Cyrus a liar who can't be trusted, Harley counters that Cassie is too and announces that they are no longer friends. Zach and Jude come home and are upset to find Cyrus and Grady living at their house.

Frank asks Daisy to stay away from Grady but when she claims that people can change like she did, he points out that she was not a murderer. Harley calls Buzz and asks her to send Zach to her.

She vows to remain away until it's time for the kids to go back to school. Asking him to keep Daisy away from Grady, Harley tells her father that she is done with Cyrus and must keep Rafe safe for Gus' sake.

Buzz reveals Harley's decision to end things with Cyrus but he doesn't believe him. Later, Cassie takes credit for telling Harley she slept with him and hopes he feels some of the pain his brother caused her.

He wonders what Josh will think. Cassie is furious when she realizes daisy is still helping the murderer. Later, Daisy advises Grady that Harley wants her to meet her overseas.

Jeffrey and Reva discuss a scheme that will allow him to return to work in spite of Doris. Reva warns Jeffrey that Daisy may not be a good witness against Grady.

Daisy overhears Jeffrey suggest to Reva that Grady could end up in prison for 20 years to life. When Cyrus reveals his plans to go to Europe to find Harley and warns him to stay away from Daisy, Grady ignores him.

Later, after finding his ankle monitor, Cyrus catches his brother kissing Daisy and grabs Grady.

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Guiding Light
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