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Guiding Light
June 4, 2008

Today on Guiding Light ...

Finding Mallet in his new patrolman's uniform, Dinah calls him a martyr but Mallet claims this is what he needs right now. Insisting that this is her fault, Dinah pleads with Frank not to blame Mallet for taking over as Chief of Police. She admits what she did to help her boyfriend.

After Ashlee talks about the mystery man she met in the park, Daisy finds her car filled with daisies and assumes they are from her mother. Cyrus is upset to find a stack of bills piled up on Harley's table at home. He asks Dinah for money but she won't help.

He decides to grab a painting that Adrianna wants and calls to let her know. Mallet catches Cyrus in a white van but discovers no evidence that he's done anything illegal.

Cyrus explains that he started stealing years ago in order to put food on the table for him and his little brother. Meeting him at the Towers, Adrianna pays Cyrus for a job well done and promises more cash for more "gifts" but he assures her that this is a one-time deal for them.

Later, Cyrus returns to Harley's place with the cash. Hearing a noise upstairs, he assumes Harley is back but discovers it's Daisy. Later, he's upset to discover that the envelope filled with cash is gone.

Though Mallet offers to do an investigation for her, Ashlee hands Frank the dog tags she found in the park. Frank deduces that the owner of the dog tags has a police record as a pickpocket but when he takes her to his cell, she realizes he's not the special guy who helped her.

Mallet flirts with Olivia who admits that awhile ago, she would have fallen hard for him. Upset that Mallet knew what Dinah did, Frank punches him. Mallet fumes as Dinah admits her confession to Frank earlier and refuses have anything to do with her, vowing to go visit Olivia instead.

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Guiding Light
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