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Guiding Light Episode Recap, Part I
Alan makes sure nobody can come in or out of the mansion. Lizzie tries to leave, but Alan stops her. Bill tries to convince Alan to free Lizzie to no avail. Bill is running. Wanda calls Bill to remind him of a meeting he has. Olivia asks Dinah for some advice, and then sees two hot guys. Lizzie tells Beth about the plan she made with Alan. Bill lies to Ava to get Emma for the afternoon and the guard lets Bill in because he’s with Emma.

Guiding Light Episode Recap, Part II
Ava is concerned when she sees Olivia drinking and flirting with the two guys. Bill convinces Lizzie that they can fix this situation, and she follows his lead. Beth digs into Alan for locking Lizzie up and he tries to defend himself. Ava convinces Olivia there’s more to live for than a one night stand and then leaves. A guard and Alan catch Bill and Lizzie trying to leave, as the guard starts roughing up Bill. Lizzie watches as Bill is led away.

Guiding Light Episode Recap, Part III
Beth gets a chilling text message from Phillip, while Ava pays Bill’s bail. Ava asks Bill if he loves Lizzie, but he can’t quite admit it. Olivia enjoys herself, dancing with both men as if it were her last night on earth. Mallet tells Dinah he wants to be there to help her, but she’s adamant she get better. Bill returns, screaming Lizzie’s name loudly. Lizzie sees Bill outside her house but closes the door and embraces her choice.

Guiding Light
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