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Guiding Light
Episode Recap, 3.14.2008

Today on Guiding Light, Mallet (Robert Bogue) tries to win Dinah over once more and although she appreciates his concern, she walks away. Mallet gets an offer to be the Chief in another town. Dinah is in the middle of telling Mallet she misses him when she sees the contract offer to be Police Chief. She can’t believe he’s considering, and storms off. Beth lets Rick watch Peyton while she catches up on some sleep.

Beth texts Phillip back that she misses him. Rick and Alan are fighting over Peyton when Beth arrives and takes the baby, leaving both men behind. Alan leaves Phillip a message, asking for his help to get rid of Rick. Olivia tells Ava she doesn’t have much time left, and the two cry together. Olivia tells Rick she’s pretty much given up home that she’ll be saved. Ava barges in, upset that Olivia isn’t fighting harder.

Bill steals a bulldozer, heading toward the Spaulding mansion. Lizzie tells Bill she misses him, but doesn’t want him to come get her. Alan tells Lizzie he’s been talking to Phillip and he supports his decision of keeping Lizzie locked up. Alan sets up Lizzie on a date with Lawrence and Lizzie leaves with him, eager to leave the mansion. Lizzie tries to give Lawrence a chance, just when Billy and Bill walk in.

Alan shows up and Billy yells at him so Bill and Lizzie can hear. Alan sees Bill’s shoes behind the stall door and asks Lizzie to remind Bill he knows about Venezuela and isn’t afraid to get in touch with some of his “friends” from there. Lizzie tries to be a realist and kisses Lawrence. Bill sees this and moves toward Ava, grabbing her hand. Lizzie sees them leave together. Ava and Bill make love, both trying to shy away from reality.

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