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Guiding Light Prologue
Lizzie pays Ms. Francis and picks up Sarah from daycare. Jon goes on a job interview and Billy offers Jon the job, as long as he shares custody of Sarah. Beth tells Lillian she might just give Alan a shot to raise Peyton.

Guiding Light Episode Recap

Bill tries to tell Lizzie he got her a lawyer. When Jon learns that Lizzie picked up Sarah, he threatens to hurt Ms. Francis, until a cop stops him. As Bill tells Mel why he wants to help Lizzie, they hear Rick screaming from the jail cell below. Jon makes a call, asking someone for a favor. Bill finds a naked woman in his bed, with a note attached to call Lizzie. Lillian tells Lizzie one of her patients took the wrong prescription and a note to call Lizzie. Beth leaves Alan, outraged. Lizzie says if Alan helps her get Sarah back, she’ll help him get Peyton. Lizzie agrees to meet Jon at the graveyard, but we see Alan is behind it and he’s going to have Jon arrested for a murder.

Guiding Light Epilogue
Looking for Lizzie, Bill gets out of the car saying he got her messaged. But instead two men step out of the woods, grab him and knock him out. What happens next? Find out in our Guiding Light spoilers ...

Guiding Light
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