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Guiding Light
Episode Recap, 5/12

Today on Guiding Light, Jeffrey and Reva discuss how the movie should end when their houseguest, Hawk, interrupts them. Reva walks in on Jolene trying her charm on Buzz, but Jolene turns her attention to Reva and the questions begin again.

Reva gives Lizzie a Mother’s Day card from Jonathan and Sarah, along with the return address from the envelope. Jeffrey confronts Reva about the houseguests, the movie and gets a call from Ava interrupting them – Olivia is not doing well. Ava tries to wrestle with the problems Olivia is facing and Jeffrey apologizes to Reva for running out.

Lizzie and Alan try to get on with business when a magazine with Bill’s picture on the cover tears her attention away. Ava asks Bill for her old job at Spaulding back. Bill begins to walk Ava to the hospital, when he spots Lizzie, who leaves before he can talk to her.

Bill tries to help Lizzie carry her bags, but she won’t budge to let him in. When Bill sees the bags contains toddler clothes and her car is packed with Lizzie’s suitcases, he realizes she is going to see Sarah. Lizzie sits outside the Spaulding building conflicted if she should go in for the meeting or leave town.

Beth finds a wrapped package from Alan with a second pearl for Peyton. Alan plays a game of solitaire while looking at the Spaulding Enterprises sign that Beth brought him. Bill starts his meeting but his mind is still on Lizzie. Meanwhile, Lizzie takes off in her car.

What happens next? Find out in our Guiding Light spoilers!

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