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Guiding Light
Episode Guide, 5.13.08

Today on Guiding Light, Reva's thrilled when the movie script is delivered to her. She's uncomfortable when Jeffrey suggests that they read it together. Jeffrey starts reading the words aloud so Reva announces that she's got to do this by herself.

At Company Reva gets into the script but is annoyed when she catches Dinah reading over her shoulder. She gets her talking about her battle with Alan and finally sends her away. Jolene is next to interrupt and she and Reva have a laugh when she starts dancing on one of the tables.

Reva sends her out, admitting she still hasn't signed the contract and won't until she finishes reading. Frank helps Harley as Zach gets ready for his father/son baseball game today. Josh advises Harley that he's decided to confront Cassie's lover Chris Boyle.

She urges him to let it go but he can't. In Chicago, Josh finds insurance agent Chris and gets him to admit that he did see Cassie, the beautiful blond but claims he made a mistake suddenly leaves.

Out for a walk, Cassie confesses to Blake and Harley that she slipped and had a one-nighter with someone and now fears that her marriage is over. Blake makes her own confession about being attracted to Harley's brother.

Harley and Cassie assume it's Frank but Blake stuns them by admitting she thinks Coop is "hot." Dinah joins the women and complains about her frustration with Mallet. They head to Company where they find Reva reading the script for the movie.

Blake offers to act as her agent. Reva admits she's afraid she can't do the movie without hurting her relationship with Jeffrey. Later, when she admits to Jeffrey that she's still not sure about okaying the movie without talking to Josh first, he urges her to make the decision herself.

Back from R.J.'s baseball game, Josh surprises a teary-eyed Cassie with pearl earrings and announces that he's moving back into their bedroom.

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