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Guiding Light
Episode Guide, May 15, 2008

Today on Guiding Light, Mallet advises Dinah that after Harley came to him about her fear about a crooked cop on the force, he shredded some files.

He then leaks that the cop giving the favors was Gus and seeks her help.

She agrees but reminds him he's putting his own career on the line. Mallet asks her to convince Doris to ask Jeffrey to back off from any investigation.

Saying he wanted him to have something that belonged to his father, Alan presents Rafe with an heirloom watch that he once gave to Gus. He asks him to consider interning at Spaulding after he's graduated and keep an eye on Bill for him.

Natalia hears about the offer and chastises Alan for trying to get her son to do his dirty work. She then asks Olivia to make the same plea with Alan who assures Olivia she has no hold over him.

After convincing Coop to agree to renting an RV for "their" book tour, Blake warns him about bringing Ashlee along with them. Coop approaches Ashlee about the trip but she asks for time to consider.

Coop offers Daisy five bucks to keep an eye on his girlfriend. Later, Ashlee runs into Dinah who agrees to hire her immediately, asking her to bring her a photo of her mother.

Dinah uses the photo to put together two versions of a WSPR special about their "heartland mayor." She shows them both to Doris and asks her to stop Jeffrey from snooping at the station house and in return, she'll hire Ashlee and run the favorable feature. Doris agrees to the blackmail.

Ashlee calls Coop to explain she got her old job back and can't go on his book tour which thrills Blake. Rafe leaks to Alan that he saw Doris and Dinah together...

... until next time on Guiding Light!

Guiding Light
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