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Guiding Light
Episode Guide, 5.19

Today on Guiding Light, after reuniting in bed last night, Josh tells Cassie that he has no lingering feelings of anger. But when he runs into Chris Boyle at the Beacon, Josh confronts him and, as Cyrus nervously watches, berates the man and takes a swing at him, hitting Cyrus instead.

Cassie sees the punch and screams at Josh to stop. He does and walks out. Cyrus warns Cassie they have a problem and helps her smooth things over with Boyle. Reva finds Josh nursing his hand and he admits he's got to stop doing this. Harley notices he was hit and asks Cassie what happened.

Later, Cyrus explains to Harley that Josh thinks Cassie slept with Boyle. Cassie asks Josh why he hired Cyrus and Harley and walks out on him. Stopping by to apologize, Josh discovers that Boyle is gay. Finding empty pill bottles on the floor and no Olivia, Natalia calls Jeffrey for help.

Jeffrey finds Emma on a school tour at the courthouse. As Jeffrey explains his job to the kids, Olivia watches from above and confides to Natalia that she signed up to chaperone this trip months ago.

After Harley complains that Daisy's not going to her graduation, Reva guesses she's reacting to Cyrus and later tells Daisy that she regrets not attending her own graduation. She also confirms that she was once married to Alan and pushes her to attend her graduation and go to college.

Later, Daisy learns she can't go to graduation because she's been suspended due to her fake ID scam. Reva surprises Jeffrey when she asks him to marry her. He accepts.

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Guiding Light
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