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Guiding Light
Monday, May 26, 2008
Episode Recap

Today on Guiding Light, Rafe tells Alan and then Mallet about his desire to join the Marines and then become a cop. Olivia offers Natalia the house she bought and explains that she's paid down the mortgage to make it more affordable.

Jeffrey explains to Larry the Assistant U.S. District Attorney that Gus recently died and is considered a kind of hero in town but Larry refuses to reconsider.

Mallet tells Harley about Gus but she refuses to believe him. Mallet confesses that he shredded documents to protect Gus but now that Jeffrey knows about it, it's too late to ignore it though he promises to do all he can to protect him.

Jeffrey confronts Mallet later and blasts him for trying to hide this. Mallet realizes Dinah told him and claims he was trying to protect Gus. He adds that it was "small stuff" but Jeffrey warns that this is going to make big headlines.

Later at the church where Natalia is lighting candles, Jeffrey overhears Rafe telling his mother about all the cash he found that Gus was hiding. Natalia stares at Jeffrey who says goodbye and leaves them to discuss the matter.

Mallet tells Rafe about what Gus is accused of doing but Rafe doesn't believe him. Hearing Jeffrey also knows, Rafe panics because Jeffrey heard him talking about the cash.

Meanwhile, Harley makes some calls and reaches Fred Grundy, a defense lawyer whose clients escaped prosecution, thanks to Gus.

She also sees his award from the American Heart Transplant Association and realizes Gus was doing this to move Olivia's name up the transplant list. Harley confronts Olivia and guesses she knew he was doing this.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey explains to Mallet that he thinks they should admit what happened and explain all that Gus was going through when he did this. Mallet's relieved to hear what Harley has uncovered.

Rafe confronts Jeffrey with Gus' gun and vows to stop him from badmouthing his father.

What happens next? Find out in our Guiding Light spoilers!

Guiding Light
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