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Guiding Light
Episode Guide, 5/28

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At the hospital Ava advises Olivia that Jeffrey remains in critical condition after removing the bullet during surgery. As Bill and Lizzie argue, he receives a text message from Ava about Jeffrey being shot.

She sends him to the hospital to be with Ava. Bemoaning how everyone leaves her, Ava tells her mother that this pregnancy was a terrible idea. Bill arrives and comforts Ava.

Natalia and Ava leave Company to go look for Rafe. Buzz assures Frank that Rafe and Harley are fine and that Harley did what she had to do. Frank is outraged and disgusted to realize that Buzz gave them money for their trip.

Promising they'll take care of the kids, Buzz asks him not to tell anyone. Pointing out how desperate Natalia is, Frank blasts him for this insane idea. Buzz argues that he was simply protecting Harley.

When Olivia sees Ava arrive at the hospital, she urges her to leave before Ava returns. Natalia insists that this was an accident and that Rafe didn't mean to shoot Jeffrey. Frank interrupts so Natalia leaves.

After Ava returns and hears about Natalia's visit, she remains calm and wonders what led up to the shooting. Frank tries to calm Natalia by telling him Harley took Rafe out of the country but she demands he call Harley and bring her son home.

She returns to Olivia and asks for money to go find Rafe but Olivia refuses. Hearing what Harley did, Alan thanks Buzz for telling him. Later, Olivia finds Natalia at Company and agrees to give her the money.

While Alan thanks Olivia, Buzz arranges for Natalia to talk with Rafe on the phone. Asking him to meet her at the Beacon, Lizzie spikes Bill's drink with a sleeping pill and knocks him out so he can't attend the stockholder's meeting.

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