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Alan tells Grady he's decided against his plan. Grady warns he's already put the wheels in motion by giving the cops a tip.

At the station house Frank reads the latest anonymous tip which points to Bill as Lizzie's kidnaper.

When Alan tricks Lizzie into leaving the hospital to go to the station house, Frank reluctantly shows her the tip.

Alan points out Bill is loaded and has no motive but then gets Lizzie to reveal that Bill did benefit when she failed to show for an important meeting.

Frank calls the "heroic takeover" of Spaulding the only motive he has right now so Lizzie dares him to search the mansion.

As they look, Lizzie finds a magazine which is missing some cutout letters. Daisy asks Cyrus if his brother is in some kind of trouble and guesses it involves Dinah.

Cyrus lies that Dinah was financing a project of theirs down in South America but they ultimately decided not to do it.

But when she asks if she should stay away from Grady as Buzz has suggested, Cyrus hints that Buzz makes great decisions.

Buzz is thrilled when Ashlee pops into Company and boasts that she's kind of dating someone though she has yet to tell Coop.

Coop overhears her and is happy for her, hinting that his own love life is fine. Sensing Beth is having trouble with her paper for school, Ashley pairs her with Cooper as a mentor.

After Coop helps her with a paper, he laughs off Buzz and Ashlee joking about his new friend.

Later, Coop uses his key to enter Beth's hotel room and discusses whether anyone at Company might have figured out their real relationship.

He tries to reassure her they're safe. Grady boasts to his brother about partnering with Alan to frame Bill.

Cyrus worries that Dinah may interfere. When they decide to talk with her, they find her room at the Beacon is empty.

Later, Grady runs into Daisy and the two share a kiss.

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