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Ashlee is upset as Daisy excuses the way Grady just treated her. When she asks her friend why she's taking his side, Daisy claims that someone must but Ashlee reminds her that Grady framed Rafe.

A scheming Ashlee uses her mother's connections to go see Rafe and convinces him to agree to do her blog and explain his side of the story.

Frank learns that the only fingerprints found in the van belonged to Lizzie and Bill. He later reports to Lizzie that the van was confirmed as stolen.

Lizzie's disgusted when Grady finds her at the hospital and inquires about Bill
. Admitting she wants to go search for a place the kidnaper took her, Grady offers to accompany her for fear the kidnaper may strike again.

When she finds the hole outdoors where she was trapped for awhile, she tells Grady what happened there. As he quietly wipes out any footprints he made days ago, Grady suggests that because the kidnaper came back for her he must care about her.

She denies it and calls him a monster.

Concerned about Daisy's feelings for his brother, Cyrus takes her on a tour of Grady's horrible moments in Springfield.

Lizzie's encouraged when Bill seems to be coming out of his coma only to be told by a nurse that he is experiencing "spikes in his electrical field." Reva's not pleased to find Josh is her neighbor.

Natalia rushes over to help Olivia after a call for help. When Decker calls about the Macau client being in town, Olivia insists on entertaining the Xiaos and enlists Natalia to make them a home-cooked dinner.

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