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Frank shows Alan and Lizzie the security video of the van being stolen. Alan okays the search of the Spaulding mansion, and Lizzie finds the planted jacket under Bill's bed and tries to set it on fire but Frank stops her.

Frank admits he has enough evidence against Bill to take to a grand jury.

As they collect baby things for a shower for Reva, Matt gets a chuckle out of Lillian by telling Blake that seeing all of these things makes him wish he had another baby.

When Reva tells him they can skip today's MRI appointment, Jeffrey won't allow it and asks what's the point of having a baby if she's not going to be there to enjoy it.

At the hospital Reva tries to convince her doctor that she doesn't care about today's test results or what he has to say. She tells him and Jeffrey that she has already decided that her baby comes first.

Dr. Alcott responds that as far as he is concerned, his patient always comes first. Ashley returns to the prison where she records a live conversation with Rafe about his situation.

Rafe explains why he is in prison and blames all the bad things happening on him on an unnamed Grady.

Trying to show him something on the Internet, Daisy and Grady end up watching the live blog where Rafe complains about losing his girlfriend too.

Ashlee names Grady as the person responsible. Afterwards, Grady tells Daisy he put the word out to keep Rafe safe and she is grateful.

Later, after Ashlee asks Daisy about the blogcast, Grady surprises her from the backseat of her car.

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